Sonic The Hedgehog iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 4

Change Tails to Miles

After unlocking Tails, select "No Save" mode and then the plus for both Sonic and Tails. Finally, tap the letters "A", "G", "E", and "S" in order at the at the Sega screen to change Tails' name to Miles. A Japanese message will confirm correct code entry.

Rating 3

Fly with Tails

After unlocking Tails, select "New Game" and then the plus for both Sonic and Tails. Hold UP and press JUMP during game play, then hold UP and press JUMP again while in mid-air to start flying with Tails. Press JUMP at Tails to hang on, then use the D-pad and JUMP button to fly.

Rating 2

All Chaos Emeralds

After enabling the "Level select" code, play songs "04", "01", "02", and "06" in order at the "Sound Test" menu.

Rating 1

Japanese text

Tap on 'A', 'G', 'E' 'S' in that order (SEGA backwards). You should hear chime, and instead of "Sonic team presents" showing up, a white background with Japanese text will show instead.

Rating 1

Play as any character

Enter the level select menu by starting a new game with no save. Once done, press the sega logo when it appears in the order of s-e-g-a. When it says to start, put two fingers on the screen and swipe up. Then where you see player you can select the character you want. 01 for sonic, 02 for tails, 03 for knukcles, 00 for sonic and tails.

Rating 1

Level select

Tap UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT on the D-pad then at the main menu. After that, tap "New Game", then tap "Yes" at the next message.