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Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Game Center achievements

Adventurer Complete the game in Adventure Mode.
Bedtime Fill at least 65% of the Bedroom's open area with web.
Berserker Score 50000 points in Feeding Frenzy.
Big Appetite Complete the game, eating at least 95% of all bugs.
Big Sack Tackle a hornet for a distance of 2000
Blitzkrieg Complete the game in under 30 minutes.
Chimney Sweep Clear the Roof in Precision Mode in under 5 minutes.
Combo Meal Eat 8 bugs in a combo.
Completist Complete the game, eating 100% of the insects.
Crazy Eight Create an eight-sided web.
Crowded House Fill at least 75% of a level's open area with web.
Desperate Measures Clear a level at Hunger Level 20 or higher.
Double Up Tackle two hornets with only one jump.
Entrapment Tackle a hornet while jumping from one web to another.
Epic Fail Travel a distance of 800 after you die.
Feast Eat 12 bugs in a combo.
Fortune Score more than 75,000 points in a single level.
Gaping Maw Eat 3 bugs in a row without moving.
Gastronomy Eat at least 1 of every bug type.
Gentleman Complete the game without killing any ladybugs.
Glutton Eat 20 bugs in a combo.
Greedy Eat 8 bugs in a combo at Hunger Level 15 or higher.
Hang Ten Create a ten-sided web.
Hexagon Create a six-sided web.
Honeycomb Smash every hornet that comes out of a hornet's nest.
Houdini Get inside the sealed room.
Jackpot Score more than 30000 points in a single level.
Linebacker Tackle 20 hornets in Feeding Frenzy.
Lucky Sevens Create a seven-sided web.
Masochist Eat 100% of all insects in Precision Mode.
Medieval Eat 3 dragonflies in one web crawl, scoring the maximum 45000 points.
Meticulous Trap and eat all mosquitoes in the Library on a single web.
Multitasker Tackle a hornet while completing a web.
One Fell Stroke Create 5 webs with 1 thread.
Procrastinator Clear a dragonfly level in Feeding Frenzy.
Savvy Survive for 5 minutes in Hunger mode.
Sherlock Find the secret room.
Sleuth Find all secrets.
Slip Tackle Tackle a hornet while slipping off of a slippery surface.
Solitude Clear the Nursery, building only one spider web.
Speedy Complete the game in under 60 minutes.
Surgical Beat the game in Precision Mode.
Survivalism Survive for 15 minutes in Hunger mode.
The Nines Create a nine-sided web.
Undertaker Clear the Living Room.
Webmaster Create 500 webs.
Webspinner Create 100 webs.
Webular With 1 thread, create multiple webs with at least 18 sides total.

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