Super KO Boxing 2 iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Game Center achievements

Baby Love Get hugged by Baby Face.
Big Bang Find C.M. 0083's weak spot.
Blam Blam Town Clear the Blam Blam Town circuit.
Bold Move Taunt the Executioner 10 times in one match.
Brown Out TKO Dynavolt.
Bruiser Max out Ka-rak's face or body damage.
Car Sick Dizzy Baby Face.
Cave Woman Damage Ka-rak.
Chubby Tummy Knock down Gip with only low punches.
Classic KO KO Bigger Gip in the first round.
Confusion Level 5 Dizzy Grogul.
Contender Win a challenge match.
Dizzy King Dizzy King Tub 6 times in one match.
Dizzy Knock Down Land a dizzy knock down.
Dodge Right Lose to Chief in the first round.
El Bulli Superior Beat El Bulli using only Super Punches.
Electric Pig Beat Gip with a Lightning KO.
First Step Knock down Executioner.
Fist Full Of Punches Throw 2000 punches.
Fists of Fury Throw 100 Punches.
Fists of steel Throw 500 punches.
Fizzle Out Dizzy Dynamo.
Gangstar Perfect 15 Cent without blocking.
Ghetto Blaster Dizzy Shogun.
Hari Kari Lose to Sake Bomb three times.
Highway to... Knock down El Diablo in under a minute.
Hisatsu Find Sake Bomb's 'Weak Spot.'
Hype Man Avoid 15 Pence's tiger attack.
Island Getaway Knock Dr. Voodude down 4 times in one match.
King of Flavor TKO 15 Pence.
Light Speed Beat C.M. 0083 in the first round.
Lightning Knock Out Land a Lightning Knock Out.
Long Haul Beat 10 opponents in Endurance Mode.
Magic Missile Beat Grogul without getting hit.
Medicine Man Knock Dr. Voodude down with zero health.
Merry-Go-Round Avoid Baby Face's pin attack.
Mummy Man Knock down King Tub.
Nagare Boshi Land a 'Star Punch' on Sake Bomb.
Old School Beat Shogun without using your Super Punch.
Power Punch Land a level 3 Super Punch on Voo Dude.
Pyramid Scheme TKO King Tub.
Raging Bulli Beat El Bulli without getting hit in under a minute.
Rain Dance Beat Chief with a Lightning KO.
Rechargeable Lose 10 times to Dynavolt.
Respect the Voodoo Beat Voo Dude without taunting.
Royal Pain KO 15 Pence.
Rubber Soles Knock down Dynavolt without getting hit or blocking.
Sad Viking Win against Bigger Gip by decision.
Seeing Stars Dizzy 15 Cent.
Short Haul Win 5 Endurance Matches.
Spectator Watch Tha Shogun's full intro.
Spell Bound Get cursed by Voodude.
Stone Floor KO Ka-rak.
Straight Shooter Knock down El Diablo without using any hook punches.
Sucker Point Beat Gip three times.
Super Nova Land a level 3 super punch on C.M. 0083.
Surprise Face Find Bigger Gip's "Weak Spot."
Sustainable Energy Beat Dynamo in the 3rd Round.
Teh Pwned Hit Grogul without countering.
Tha First Beat Tha Shogun in the first round without blocking or taunting.
Tha Light Knock The Shogun out of his dark mode.
The Champ Beat the game.
The Devil's Fist Land 10 consecutive punches on El Diablo.
The Master Finish Endurance Mode.
The Shocker Knock down Dynamo using only hook punches.
To The Mat Knocked Out 15 Cent.
Tough Guy Knock down Chief without dodging.
Tres Toros TKO El Bulli.
Two Fisted Beat Shogun with only two punches.
Vegitative State TKO Dr. Voodude.
Weenie Beat Executioner without taunting.
Weenieville Clear the Weenieville circuit.
Winner Win a match.
World Wide Clash Clear the World Wide Clash circuit.