Tap Tap Revenge 2 iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Game Center achievements

300 Play 300 games.
Baker's Dozen Play on 13 consecutive days.
Black Jack Play on 21 consecutive days.
Boiling Point Play 100 Live games.
Buddy Buddy Play 10 two player games.
Century Play 100 games.
Contender Complete 10 tracks the whole way through.
Hat-Trick Play on 3 consecutive days.
High Five Completed 5 tracks the whole way through.
Hundred K Scored over 100,000 points.
Lucky Number Play on 7 consecutive days.
Millennium Play 1,000 two player games.
Most Wanted Play 10 Live games.
Playing with Fire Play 1,000 games.
Polaroid Played 25 songs with Shakes on.
Still Tappin' Played 25 songs with Shakes off.
The Regular Play 1,000 Live games.
The Rookie Completed a track the whole way through.
You Have Friends Play 100 two player games.