Texting Of The Bread iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 4

Game Center achievements

10 Free Lives Gain 10 Extra Lives.
100 Free Lives Gain 100 Extra Lives.
Bread Slicer Kill 25 Regular Enemies.
Bully for Bullies Kill 5 Minibosses.
Burnt Toast Kill 25 Exploding Enemies.
Cineri Gloria Sera Venit Die 100 Times.
Crumb Catcher Kill 100 Minis.
Dairy Farm for Sale Kill 5,000 Enemies.
F+ Get 10,000 'F' Grades.
Free Life Gain an Extra Life.
Giant Slayer Kill 10 Minibosses.
Half Sandwich Kill 25 Torso Enemies.
Head of the Class Get 10,000 'A' Grades.
Human Wave Die 50 Times.
Iron Man Last 45 Minutes in Survival Mode.
Is This Your Homework Get 5,000 'A' Grades.
It's Not a Sport If You Get 1,000 'A' Grades.
Journalist You Typed 75 Correct Letters In a Row.
Kill the Brain and You Kill Kill 10,000 Enemies.
Learning Curve Miss 250 Letters.
Loaf Cutter Kill 25 Armored Enemies.
Marathon Kill 25 Speedy Enemies.
Mega Bread Slicer Kill 500 Regular Enemies.
Mega Burnt Toast Kill 500 Exploding Enemies.
Mega Crumb Catcher Kill 1000 Minis.
Mega Half Sandwich Kill 500 Torso Enemies.
Mega Loaf Cutter Kill 500 Armored Enemies.
Mega Marathon Kill 500 Speedy Enemies.
Minuteman Last 60 Seconds in Survival Mode.
Newbie Freshman Get 100 'A' Grades.
Nobody steps on a church Kill a Boss.
Not for the Faint of Heart Beat a Level on Hard Difficulty.
Purfikt Cpellingz Miss 1,000 Letters.
Secretary You Typed 50 Correct Letters In a Row.
Shadow of the Kolache Kill 10 Bosses.
Stenographer You Typed 150 Correct Letters In a Row.
Strong men also cry Get 5,000 'F' Grades.
Student You Typed 25 Correct Letters In a Row.
Sugar Free Diet Beat the Game in Story Mode.
Sugar High Reach 1,000,000 Points.
Super Bread Slicer Kill 100 Regular Enemies.
Super Burnt Toast Kill 100 Exploding Enemies.
Super Crumb Catcher Kill 500 Minis.
Super Half Sandwich Kill 100 Torso Enemies.
Super Loaf Cutter Kill 100 Armored Enemies.
Super Marathon Kill 100 Speedy Enemies.
Survivor Survive After Taking Massive Damage.
The Bigger They Are... Kill a Miniboss.
The Cookie Crumbles You Beat the First Level.
Time to Bleed Die 10 Times.
Triathlete Last 15 Minutes in Survival Mode.
Typing? I used to study Get 1,000 'F' Grades.
Wave of the Future Defeat the Credits.
Whoops Get 100 'F' Grades.
You Can't Ditch Your First Miss 100 Letters.
You Shall Not Pass Kill 5 Bosses.
h8ted The Gingerbread Zombies Hate You.