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Easy money hints

For easy money, enter the system's settings and change the date to one day ahead. Note: This can make wait times longer; stock everything before turning the date back.

2 years ago

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Game Center achievements

Amusements Fully stock a Toy Store & Tech Store.
An Eye for Art Fully stock an Optometrist & Art Studio.
Bar Fight Fully stock a Pub & Martial Arts.
Bet the Pot Fully stock a Casino & Pottery Studio.
Blockbuster Fully stock a Cineplex & Video Rental.
Bookwork Fully stock a Book Store & Plant Nursery.
Burger Bytes Fully stock a Sky Burger & Cyber Cafe.
Cloud Topper Build 100 floors.
Code Freeze Fully stock a Software Studio & Smoothie Shop.
Cold Medicine Fully stock a Frozen Yogurt & Pharmacy.
Cut an Album Fully stock a Barber Shop & Recording Studio.
Dance Fever Fully stock a Night Club & Doctors Office.
Decked Out Fully stock a Mens Fashion & Hat Shop.
Designer Shoes Fully stock a Graphic Design & Shoe Store.
Desserted Fully stock a Cake Studio & Scoops.
Dirty Laundry Fully stock a Private Eye & Laundromat.
Fashionista Fully stock a Fashion Studio & Womens Studio.
Fat Quarter Fully stock a Health Club & Fabric Shop.
Field Trip Fully stock a Tutoring Center & Museum.
First Quarter Build 25 floors.
Fish Tacos Fully stock an Aquarium & Mexican Food.
Five Oh Build 50 floors.
Fortune Cookie Fully stock a Fortune Teller & Asian Cuisine.
Funny Money Fully stock a Comedy Club & Bank.
Green Screen Fully stock a Vegan Food & Film Studio.
Joystick Junkie Fully stock a Game Studio & Game Store.
Keep Rollin Fully stock a Bike Shop & Bowling Alley.
Musical Chairs Fully stock a Music Store & Furniture Store.
Nerd Alert Fully stock a Comic Store & Arcade.
Nice Shot Fully stock a Paintball & Racquetball.
Oakinawa Fully stock a Wood Shop & Sushi Bar.
Pizza Roll Fully stock a Pizza Place & Bakery.
Please Be Seated Fully stock a Theater & Wedding Singer.
Printer Ink Fully Stock a Print & Ship & Tattoo Parlor.
R&R Fully stock a Day Spa & Travel Agency.
Rags to Riches Fully stock a Diner & Fancy Cuisine.
Say Cheese! Fully stock a Dentists Office & Photo Studio.
Something's Brewing Fully stock a Coffee House & Soda Brewery.
Spike in Sales Fully stock a Volleyball Club & Ad Agency.
Stellar Record Fully stock a Planetarium & Record Shop.
Subpar Fully stock a Sub Shop & Mini Golf.
Tea Square Fully stock a Tea House & Architect Office.
Tiny City Have 100 residents.
Tiny Town Have 50 residents.
Tiny Village Have 15 residents.
Triskaidekaphobia Build 13 floors.
iGlass Fully stock a Mapple Store & Glass Studio.

2 years ago

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