Tiny Wings iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 3

Objective 34s in Fever Mode hint

When you have to get the objective "Be 34s in Fever mode", have someone (preferably next to you while your playing) call you when you just got in fever mode, pick up the phone, and wait for 34 seconds. The other person then must disconnect the call. Go back to the game and you'll see you completed the 34s fever mode objective.

Rating 2

Game Center achievements

Big points Gain 60000 points with nest level 4
Early points Gain 5000 points on the 1st island with nest level 2
Feverish dream Do 5 cloudtouches in fever mode with nest level 7
Giant slides Do 32 great slides in 1 game with nest level 5
Great morning Do 10 great slides on the 1st island with nest level 6
Healthy fly Reach the 5th island without fever mode
Heave fever Be at least 17s in fever mode with nest level 6
Island hopper Reach the 4th island
Island jump fever Reach the 4th island while in fever mode
Nervous fever Be in fever mode 5 times in 1 game with nest level 4
Odd number slide Do 5 great slides on the 3rd island with nest level 3
One cloudtouch per finger Do 10 cloudtouches in one game with nest level 7
Pocket money Collect 100 coins
Stairway to heaven Do 2 cloudtouches on the 5th island with nest level 7
The holy island Reach the 7th island with nest level 8
Tiny fever Be in fever mode for 5 seconds with nest level 2
Tiny flow Do 1 great slide directly after an island jump
Tiny pirate Collect 200 coins with nest level 3
Tiny slides Do 7 great slides in one game
Too fast for me Reach the 5th island without speedcoins
Touch the clouds Do 1 cloudtouch with nest level 2
Upside down Reach the 5th island while holding your device upside down

Rating 2

Scoring points hint

You earn 10 points for every "great" slide you perform. A "great" slide is a perfect slide through a valley, where you lose no speed and get the maximum air coming out. You also get 20 points each time your bird touches the clouds after a high jump.

Rating 0

Great Slide on the First Curve

You can get a great slide (10 points) from your first curve by not pressing the screen immediately. Instead, wait until the bird flies just before the first trough before pressing the screen and closing its wings. This way you can get a great slide right at the start of the game.

Rating 0

Blue coins hint

Blue coins are speed coins. Collect a blue coin for a temporary speed boost that's helpful for recovering from bad jumps.

Rating 0

Yellow coins hint

Every yellow coin you collect is worth 3 points toward your overall score.