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Mode Objectives

Free-for-All Every man for himself. First player to 15 kills wins.
King of the Hill Hold the Hill. First team to 120 seconds wins.
Sacred Goat Hold and protect the goat. First team to 90 seconds wins.
Team Deathmatch Work as a team. First team to reach 30 kills wins.

2 years ago

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Pay the $0.99 cost to get the 'Next' weapons which are better and more powerful and will make firefights easier. When in a firefight try hanging back instead of running straight in and taking the chance of getting gunned down but if your team mates have the goat in Sacred Goat mode then stick close to them and give up your own life to save it if need be. Remember to keep an eye on the ammo in your weapons and reload only when you are somewhere that is relatively safe.

2 years ago

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