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Ultrablast Cheats "Game Center achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Game Center achievements

Accident Prone Awarded for being clumsy.
Archeologist Awarded for discovering ancient secrets.
Bullet Demon Awarded for spraying enemies with overwhelming firepower.
Bulletproof Awarded for your perseverance against enemy attacks.
Collider Awarded for using your ship as your weapon.
Conductor Awarded for orchestrating powerful attacks.
Deathseeker Awarded for your eagerness to move onto the next life.
Destroyer Awarded for eliminating remarkable amount of enemy forces.
First Timer Awarded for playing the game for the first time.
Healer Awarded for recovering your ship.
Indecisive Awarded for being indecisive about your weapons.
Junk Collector Awarded for collecting space junk.
Obsessive Awarded for being obsessed with the game.
Power Hungry Awarded for powering up your firepower.
Scholar Awarded for being a good student.

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