Virtual Families iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 3

Chasing Gophers

You cannot see that a child is playing with gophers. However, if you have the sound turned up all the way you might hear a child laughing. If not, you can do is drop your child near the birdbath. Note: Dropping them on it will only make them confused, especially if you have not fixed it. Their action will be playing on the lawn. When this happens, you will begin to see holes appearing where they are playing. These are the gophers. One of the trophies to earn is to praise someone who is chasing gophers. It is straight forward from there. Tap the green glove, then select the child to earn the trophy. Note: A few attempts may be needed to make the child play on the lawn.

Rating 2

Easy money hint

Tap "Settings", "General", and "Date & Time". Then, change the date to two years prior to the current year. Start the game. Play with the family for about five minutes. After that, change the date back to the current year. When the game is resumed, you will have at least $100,000. Note: There will be a lot of garbage around the house that needs to be cleaned up.