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Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Cheats "Food hints" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Food hints

-Before starting the game, set your system date ahead by one day. Then, after smoking the bees and planting your first seed , allow the game to run and set your clock to the correct date. You should now have 3,000 honey and 1,000 fruit.

-The honey is your first source. Make sure your firewood and dry grass is collected and started before attempting this. The next step to get food is to repair the lift located next to the fruit tree by the water. You must advance your Restoration one level in the Tech department. Make sure to have at least one or two villagers in Researching to earn those Tech points. After advancing one Restoration level, three builders at once are required to fix the lift. After it is fixed, while it rains quickly drag a villager onto the flat end of the lift to stand on it. It will lift them up and they will knock down a fruit seed. You can use it to plant another fruit tree. You can have a total of three fruit trees.

-Plant your first seed right away. Do this by dropping an adult villager (but not a nursing mom) on the seed near the lift. That seed may be a mango, papaya, or banana.

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