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Ending Scenes

To get someone's Ending Scene, they must be accepted as Luke-Tiana's friend and must stays alive and go into "Kingdoms Restoration". If you didn't get his/her ending scene, then you must find a way to make him/her become Luke-Tiana's friend or find a way to make him/her alive. Once done, trigger "Kingdoms Restoration".The following are all the available scenes:

01) Tiana Anesis's Ending Scene.

02) Luke Braferd's Ending Scene.

03) Sarah Pye's Ending Scene.

04) Harvein Darlington's Ending Scene.
  • Success in "Harvein Survival"

05) Evelin Ethelstan's Ending Scene.
  • Trigger "Recruiting Evelin"

06) Elvin Fergus's Ending Scene.
  • Trigger "Recruiting Elvin"

07) Frederick Braferd's Ending Scene.

08) Estaban Sol's Ending Scene.
  • Trigger "Recruiting Estaban (Early)" or "Recruiting Estaban (Late)"

09) Clause Owen's Ending Scene.

10) Robin Randal's Ending Scene.

11) Ellion Houghstrom's Ending Scene.
  • Trigger "A Reason To Fight Ellion"
  • Trigger "Recruiting a Magnificent"

12) Millia Aldenhart's Ending Scene.
  • Trigger "A Reason To Fight Millia"
  • Trigger "Recruiting a Magnificent"

13) Ascard's Ending Scene.
  • Trigger "Tianerx Optimus"
  • Trigger "Ascard is Our Friend"

14) Tys's Ending Scene.

After following each characters' requirement, trigger "Kingdoms Restoration".

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