WordFu Plus+ iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 2

Game Center achievements

Black Belt Get a 5,000 point round.
Blue Belt Get an 800 point round.
Brown Belt Get a 1.500 point round.
Elemental Use all Powerup Dice.
Expert Black Belt Get All Dice in 1 word.
Expert Blue Belt Get a 75 point word.
Expert Brown Belt Use the same letter 4 times in a word.
Expert Green Belt Get a 7 letter word.
Expert Orange Belt Won a Versus Match.
Expert Purple Belt Get an 11 letter word.
Expert Red Belt Get a 150 word round.
Expert White Belt Get a 25 point word.
Expert Yellow Belt Get 20 word round.
Grand Master Belt Get All Dice in 1 Shaolin Word.
Green Belt Get a 550 point round.
Orange Belt Get a 350 point round.
Purple Belt Get a 1,100 point round.
Red Belt Get a 2,500 point round.
White Belt Get a 100 point round.
Yellow Belt Get a 200 point round.