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Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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General Hints

  • Use the monsters in your current area to evaluate how strong you should be. Most bosses will be at least 5 levels higher than the strongest enemy in their dungeon.

  • Set every town you visit for the first time as a return point so you can just alk to the Portal Guide to change your return town. Additionally, be sure to keep Teleport Scrolls on you at all times, or better yet, TwoWay Scrolls.

  • TwoWay Scrolls are an addition to Zenonia that function similar to Diablo's Town Portal scrolls. When usinge a TwoWay, you are taken back to your return town, with a large, demonic portal right in the middle. Use them to bail yourself out of a dungeon when your equipment is breaking, if you run out of food, or if you cannot heal yourself. When you're ready to continue through the dungeon, return to your original spot through the portal.

  • Combine as often as possible, but don't go far out of your way to make any one piece of equipment. Don't refine until very late in the game.

  • Use the weapon/armor store rarely. Their wares are expensive, and probably inferior to anything you can find from monsters.

  • When training for a long time, dump a couple points into Fairy's Experience buff. There are guaranteed at least three points in passive skills that you can do without, and when coupled with a Nectarine, the combination can help you jump up levels quickly.

  • Elixirs of Stamina are great staples to any character's arsenal. At 400 gold a pop (buying in bulk), you can spam your skills to no end for almost no cost. Think about it: it only takes two enemies to recoup your investment in a potion. And how many enemies can you kill with a full bar of stamina? Lots, I'm sure.

  • Once you are far into the game, Origins of Life are the recommended choice of revival. The price of repairing your equipment, on top of the 5% penalty to cash will be far greater than the 2000 gold Origin. Make sure you have a healthy supply of them, in case your resolve goes south.

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Character Attributes

  • Lu, the Paladin

Recommended Stat Distribution
+3 Str; or +2 Str, +1 Con

Has several defensive skills (Healing & Defense buffs) that make him nearly
impossible to kill
Contains a wide array of offensive attacks which inflict different ailments

Inflicts less damage than other classes
Asthe slower of the melee classes, it is easy to get trapped by enemies

  • Ecne, the Shooter

Recommended Stat Distribution
+3 Dex

Can attack from the furthest distance
Has very high evade, and (towards the end of the game) 100% criticals

Very low defense & very low health
Quite inferior burst damage to the other ranged character Morpice

  • Morpice, the Magician (MO5)

Recommended Stat Distribution
+3 Int

Wields large Area of Effect (AoE) spells
Has a large pool of SP, and recharges it quickly

Like Ecne, is squishy and must use SP to offset it
Very unforgiving class one wrong move can result in immediate death

  • Daza, the Warrior

Recommended Stat Distribution
+3 Str

Quic, and very powerful
Can fly across the battlefield with skills, eradicating everything on the way

Because of his berserk nature, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed
Has a quickdepleting health supply, and no easy way to heal effectively

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Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories iPhone/iTouch/iPad Q&A

Can you import your character from Zenonia 1?

Answer from IceTitan

nah :p

Respond no game game on

I'm thinking of Dexterity but want to be sure.

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