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Zombie Isle Cheats "Game Center achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Game Center achievements

Acid Cloud Use Acid Breath zombies 50 times om battles (10 points).
Acid First Breath Use the Acid Breath zombie in battle (5 points).
Acid Rain Win a battle using 6 Acid Breath zombies (20 points).
Acid Storm Use Acid Breath zombies 100 times in battles (20 points).
Amateur Collector Trade in 10 collections (10 points).
Apprentice Healer Use the Shaman zombie in battle (5 points).
Banquet Find 50 fruits (10 points).
Beach Comber Find 20 treasures (5 points).
Big Mushroom Use Radioactive zombie in battle (5 points).
Boomer! Use Flintlocke zombies 100 times in battles (20 points).
Brain Watcher Use 50 Brains (20 points).
Captain For Real Buy your first pirate ship (5 points).
Captain Fortune Find 15 different Rare Treasures (20 points).
Clean the Shotgun Use Flintlocke zombie in battle (5 points).
Dead and Deader Win 25 battles (20 points).
Devastation Use Radioactive zombies 100 times in battles (10 points).
Digged and Dugged Complete 10 isles (10 points).
Friend of Hunters Dig 20 Hunters (20 points).
Green Mushroom Win a battle using 6 Radioactive zombies (30 points).
Gunpowder Party Win a battle using 4 Flintlocke zombies (10points).
Head Explosion Use Hogshead zombie in battle (5 points).
Hog's Squadron Win a battle using 4 Hogshead zombies (20 points).
Hunter of Hunters Dig 10 Hunters (10 points).
Indefatigable Consume 40 Energy packs (30 points).
Jack's Parrow Win 50 battles (30 points).
Keep On Diggin' Complete 30 isles (30 points).
Killer's Dominion Use Flintlocke zombies 50 times in battles (10 points).
Light the Fire Use Fire Zombie (5 points).
Lucky Strike Find 20 fruits (5 points).
Man-O-War Win 10 battles (10 points).
Mass Incineration Use Hogshead zombies 100 times in battles (20 points).
Master of 7 Seas Buy a Caravel (10 points).
Master of Hunters Dig 30 Hunters (30 points).
More Diggity Complete 20 isles (20 points).
Persevering Pirate Consume 20 Energy packs (20 points).
Port to Port Capture 6 ports (10 points).
Powder Power Use Hogshead zombies 50 times in battles (10 points).
Radiation Combo Use Radioactive zombies 50 times in battles (10 points).
Relic Raider Find 150 treasures (30 points).
Sailor's Treasures Find 5 different Rare Treasures (10 points).
Sand Sifter Find 50 treasures (10 points).
Shamanic Healer Heal 100 zombies with Shaman (10 points).
Spreading Disease Infect and create 50 zombies (20 points).
Talented Collector Trade in 25 collections (20 points).
Treasure Hunter Find 100 treasures (20 points).
Veteran Collector Trade in 50 collections (30 points).
Walking Dead Infect and create 25 zombies (10 points).
Witchdoctor Chief Heal 200 zombies with Shaman (20 points).

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