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102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The Rescue Cheats "Dunking Jasper on Level 10" (PC)


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Dunking Jasper on Level 10

Once you reach the "Carnival" level, you can easily go straight through the portal and to the next level. However, to get the bonus credit by finding the bones and puppies, it might take awhile. To trap Jasper, you need to speak to the turtle (Shelby) near the level entrance. He will tell you that he has seen Jasper. You must go near the portal and find the dunk tank. The puppy (Domino or Oddball) will say something similar to "I wonder if Jasper can swim...", then Jasper will be around the area of where Shelby was located. Lead him to the dunk tank and use the dunk tank ticket to squirt. Hit the target and dunk Jasper.

2 years ago

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