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3D Ultra Mini Golf PC Cheats

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Access the following shortcuts in the indicated levels by performing the corresponding tasks:

Abominable Snowman
In the Abominable Snowman level., putt the ball into the center pipe for a hole-in-one.

-Aim your first shot at the rock and if hit perfectly, a bee will fly over and drop your ball in the hole.

-While teeing off, putt for the ant hill to the left of the starting point. If you get it in, an ant will carry your ball to the hole.

Fort Overlook
Aim your first shot at the cannon in the center. Do this so when you hit the cannon it is aimed pointing straight. The cannon will then shoot your ball into the cup.

Haunted House
Hit the ball from the tee on your first shot to the light grave on the left side of the house. If done right, the ball will exit from the back of the house for a hole-in-one.

Incredible Machine
When your ball is directly in front of the alligator in the Incredible Machine, putt it into the alligator's mouth. If done right, it will be thrown either into or next to the hole.


On the Jungle level, locate the bird next to the pool of water that is across from the pyramid with the hole. Putt the ball at the bird. It will take the ball and drop it into the hole.

On your first putt, hit the ball towards the bird and try to hit it. The bird will then fly over the hole and drop the ball close to it.

Moon Base
Hit your ball into the metro station when the sign reads "3". Your timing must be precise. If done right, your ball will fall into the construction pit.

Volcano shortcut
Hit the ball into the volcano to get very near to the hole.

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True Putt option

The True Putt option makes it easier to time shots while attempting to pass moving obstacles.

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