3D Ultra Pinball: Fastest Pinball In Space PC Cheats

Rating 3

Back alley bonuses on Colony Table

Get the ball speed precisely to have it catch in the back alley behind the factory to earn an extra ball, a continue, or invincibility during a bonus event.

Rating 0

Right barricade on Colony Table

Pull back the plunger only as far back as the first two marks of the meter in order to catch the ball on the back of the barricade. If the barricade's light is still flashing, all of the "OUTPOST" letters will be filled. Start the sequence for a three-ball Multiball by sending a ball into the Tunnel, then the Cave, and into the Tunnel again. Note: if the right flipper can be timed precisely, it may bounce the ball off the corner of the barricade and get it bouncing almost continually between two of the Jet bumpers. This will randomize the Bonus Event, upgrade to Super Jets, and score a lot of points for the Drain Bonus.