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Note: This procedure requires  editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. Using a text editor, edit the "missions.ini" file in the "data" directory in the game folder. At the bottom of each mission profile is a header labeled "PVSTART". This 44-digit number sets the amount of starting vehicles. Each digit represents the number of vehicles the different units will have at the start of the game. The following is a list of the numbers and the vehicle they correspond to:

1st digit - Ore carrier
2nd digit - Ore truck
3rd digit - Crusader
4th digit - Oppressor
5th digit - Crucifier
6th digit - APC
7th digit - Faith hammer
8th digit - Annihilator
9th digit - Purifier
17th digit - Mortar unit
18th digit - Priest
19th digit - Medic
20th digit - Slaven rider
34th digit - Inquisitor AC
35th digit - Revelator AC
37th digit - Nova AC
39th digit - Redeemer AC

The last digit is a mobile construction vehicle (MCV). Edit the line as desired. For example, the following will result in seven Purifiers, eight Redeemers, four Inquisitors and two MCVs:


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