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Achilles Cheats "Easy kills hints" (PC)


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Easy kills hints

-When fighting a normal enemy, walk towards them and throw the spear at the same time. This normally results in an instant kill. Note: Do this against a spearman to get you spear back.

-To easily kill swordsmen, crouch down to block. When they stand near you, kick them then attack with your sword. Save your spears for spearmen and bowmen.

-Hold CROUCH and kick an enemy's leg to break it. The enemy will freeze. Note: He will move once more after you attack him again.

-When facing a bowman, press S or DOWN to block. Once the bowman fires his arrow, move towards him. When is about to fire again, do the same thing and move towards him again until you are close enough to use your sword or kick him (if you threw your spear earlier).

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