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Steam achievements

Achron - Beat campaign 4.
Chronal Commander - Beat c3l4 without using any chronoenergy.
Clean Slate - Beat c4l7 killing every single enemy on the level.
Clone Hero - Beat the Sandbox Chronoclone Challenge in a minute or less.
Food Soldier - Beat c1l8 without making any aerospace units.
Freedom - Beat C3L7 or C3L8 with the Octoligo guards all dead.
Greedy - Beat c4l4 with no resources remaining in any crates.
Hiker - Beat c1l7 without making any gates or carriers.
Liar, liar - Beat C1L4 with Holloway catching Tyr lying to him.
Master of Offense - Beat campaign 1.
Master of Teleportation - Beat campaign 2.
Master of Time - Beat campaign 3.
Master Tactition - Beat c4l1 without building anything at all.
Meany - Beat c2l3 without rescuing the miners chronally.
No Escape - Beat c4l3 without allowing the operators to escape at all, achronally.
Rescuer - Beat c2l5 while meeting up with the stranded vecgir.
Speedster - Beat c2l7 in under 30 minutes.
Stealth Operator - Beat c3l5 avoiding any waves of air reinforcements.

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