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Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure PC Cheats

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Compass Puzzle in Lost Mayan Tomb

There is a compass on the floor with four stones, each with a different symbol, a statue in the center without a head, and four tiles on the wall that match the compass symbols. To solve the puzzle, find the statue's head and put it on. Click on the head to rotate it. Check the compass on the floor to see which symbol matches the direction the statue is looking. Press the tile on the wall that matches that direction. If you have the correct one, the tile will stay depressed. Click the head to rotate it to a new direction, then repeat finding the symbol and pressing the matching wall tile. After all four wall tiles are depressed the secret doors will open.

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Tiles, rings, and opening the tomb on Lost Mayan Tomb

Press the five tiles as follows:

Back wall
1. Middle tile
2. Left tile
3. Right tile

Side walls
4. Left wall tile
5. Right wall tile

This will give you the blue stone, which needs to go into the hexagonal spot in the ceiling. Light will show the order of the symbols on the stone ring below:

Outer ring: Cow head
Middle ring: Jar
Inner ring: Leaf

Remove the blue stone from the ceiling and place in into the center of the stone rings.

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