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AdventureQuest Worlds Cheats "Monster Items" (PC)


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Monster Items

Obtain the following items, pets, or weapons by defeating the corresponding monsters:

Black Wolf - Finish all
Bone Axe - Defeat Jack Sprat.
Box Guardian Blade - Defeat Box Guardians.
Brown Wolf - Buy from Aria.
Carnax Blade - Kill Carnax (for Guardian only).
Commander Sword - Defeat Undead Commander.
Dark Crystal - Buy from Aria.
Dark Wolf - Do all of the Willow Creek quests.
Death Doll Pet - Buy from Aria.
Dollar Staff - Kill Sneevil.
Dragon Wings - Kill each dragon seven times.
Dragonslayer Armor - Do all of Ganloth's quests.
Dragonslayer Helm - Buy from ganloth.
Dragonslayer Sword - Buy from ganloth.
Elemental Rock Hammer - Defeat the Rock Elemental.
Elite Blade - Reach maximum level.
Fish Mace - Defeat Fishman Soldier.
Giant Protector Blade - Defeat Grizzle Pit.
Golden Phoenix - Buy from Aria.
Grand Inquisitor Armor - Kill.
Grizzle Spits Sword - Kill Grizzle Spits.
Hydra Blade - Buy from blacksmith in Sword Haven.
Inquisitor Captain Short Polearm - Defeat the captain at Citadel.
Inquisitor Guard's Spear - Defeat the guards at Citadel.
Inquisitor's Guard Helm - Defeat the guards at Citadel.
Light Staff - Kill Red Dragon.
Morning Star - Defeat Zardman Boss.
Orc Axe - Defeat Orcs.
Paladin Armor - Finish all.
Pet Parrot - Buy from Yulgar.
Pet Spybot - Do the third quest in Dwakel Crash Site.
Phoenix Blade - Defeat Red Dragon
Platinum Axe of Destiny - After the cinematic at /join dragonfire, it will reward you with the item.
Plungerizer - Found at Rip In The Sky.
Primitive Stonehead Spear - Kill Zardman Hunter.
Protosartorium Armor - Kill
Red Dragon Pet - Buy from Ganloth.
Red Dragon Wings - Buy from Ganloth.
Red Paladin - Finish all, and a shop will open.
Reign Bringer - Buy it at the Swordhaven blacksmith.
Rogue - Buy from trainer rogue.
Skeleton Hand - Defeat Skeleton Warriors.
Skeleton Hand - Kill Skeleton Warriors.
Soul Scythe - Defeat Soulseeker
Staff Of Imp Fire - Defeat Fire Elemental in Bludrut2.
Templar Helm Of Light - Defeat Red Dragon.
Trident - Defeat Fishman Soldier.
Turkey Head - Defeat Turdraken.
Turkey Tail Feathers - Defeat Turdraken.
Undead Plague Spear - Defeat Jack Sprat.
Vamparic Gladius - Get rank 6 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Vampire Emissary - Get rank 6 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Violet Sphere - Kill.
Warrior - Buy from trainer warrior.
Water Draconian Sword - Defeat Water Draconian.
Water Draconian Wings - Defeat Water Draconian.
Wave Cutter - Defeat Sharbait in Lolosia or buy it in the Pirate shop.
Wave Cutter - Defeat Sharkbait.
Wolf Warrior Blade - Get rank 3 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Zardman Stone Hammer - Defeat Zardman Grunt.

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