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AdventureQuest Cheats "See stats forever" (PC)


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See stats forever

Click on the head of your character or an enemy's head until it is transparent, then click on the head once more and hold the button down and drag the mouse away from the head. The stats will stay there forever.

Recommended classes:
The Dracomancer and Ninja are awesome classes. Dracomancer is great for Dragon Wings. The Ninja is good for its final attack "Ninja Death Strike". It has a 20% chance to hit critically and it is Element X. It does not matter what element the opponent is, you will hurt them.

Ninth class ability without using MP:
As a Guardian only, wear a class armor. You will have a 15% of chance of using your ninth ability just by clicking "Attack". You must be level 9 on that class for this to happen. If it is a passive ability, such as Wizard Robes (or Pyromancer), it will not work. Use things such as Paladin Armors (Holy Might) or Necromancer Cloaks (Undead Mutant).

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