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Steam achievements

A Heavy Burden - Kill a player with the stonetrap in Stoneshill.
A Helping Hand - Assist in raising 100 flags.
All Within My Hands - Get 100 kills with the Fists.
Animal Abuser! - Be mean to animals.
Assassin - Kill 100 objective-carrying enemies.
BBQ Master - Torch 5 players to death in one round.
Blast From The Past - Destroy the sea wall at Invasion.
Blood Bank - Take 500 damage in one life.
Blunt Instrument - Kill 100 with your Warhammer.
Born for War - Accumulate 1000 Kills.
Burning Ambition - Complete an objective while in fire.
Butter Knife, The Destroyer! - Get 200 kills with the Dagger.
Can't Touch This - Parry 1000 blows.
Char Broiled - Kill someone with an oil pot.
Crash Course in Brain Surgery - Get 250 Head Explodies.
Critical Hit - Kill 50 Enemies through their parry.
Crossbow Twang - 500 Kills with the crossbow.
Death From Above - Kill 1 player with the oil barrels at Siege.
Defending Champion - Absorb 500,000 damage with a shield.
Elbow Grease - Push the cart on Dark Forest.
Escapist - Steal the Crown at Monastery Hill.
Executioner - Get 20 decapitations in one round.
Face-kebab - Get a Headshot with the Ballista.
Father Of Lies - Apologize after killing a teammate.
First Blood - Get the first kill in a round.
Five Star Arching - Get 10 Headshots with the Bow in one game.
Flag Collector - Capture 50 Flags.
Flash Of The Blade - Successfully parry, stab and slash in a fight.
Green Is beautiful! - Stare at the Glow Worms in Invasion for 5 seconds!.
Harvester Of Sorrow - Score 150 points or more on Sorrow.
Headhunter - Get 250 "Head Explodies", 250 Decapitations, 500 projectile headshots.
Heads Are Rollin' - Decapitate a peasant in The Shore.
Heads On A Platter! - Save the Prince in The Siege.
Heads Together - Decpitate 2 opponents with 1 swing.
Heaven Can Wait - Kill 3 people while on the brink of death.
Hero Of The Day - Complete all objectives in a map.
I'm Too Young To Die! - Execute a prisoner in Dark Forest.
Independent Contractor - Assist in building a bridge 100 times.
Jack Of All Blades - Get 500 kills with each class.
Just A Flesh Wound! - Lose your head 100 times.
KABOOOM! - Push the bomb cart in Helms Deep.
Knife In The Dark - Slay 25 with throwing knives.
Legendary Champion - Get 10,000 kills.
Legendary Defender - Kill 500 Opponents while they are near, or completing, an objective.
Legendary Mercenary - Slay 1000 Agathians and 1000 Masons.
Lumberjack - Kill 10 players with your hand axe.
Ninja - Kill an opponent with your bare hands.
Olympian - Hit an opponent with a Javelin from over 100 feet away.
On Top Of Things! - Raise 25 flags by yourself.
Public Enemy Number One - Top score in 50 games.
Robin Hood (Bronze) - Get 50 kills with the Longbow.
Robin Hood (Gold) - Get 1000 kills with the Longbow.
Robin Hood (Silver) - Get 200 Kills with the Longbow.
Rotisserie Chef - Decapitate an opponent that is on fire.
Royal Flush - Kill 5 enemies without dying.
Secret Chamber - The Siege - Found the secret room!.
Secret - Booooooooo! - Toss some pumpkins in Tournament.
Secret - Bury the Dead - Destroy the developer gravestones in Death Valley.
Seek and Destroy - Headshot, Decap or Head Explodie the last person to kill you after dying.
Shoot Me Again - Kill the same person twice in a row with the Longbow.
Siege Engine - On The Siege, get 20 catapult kills in one round.
Siegemaster - Achieve 50 catapult kills.
Sweet Spot - Kill 200 players at full health with one blow.
Timber!!! - Chop down the Tree in The Shore.
Tiny Dancer - As Man-At-Arms, kill 10 enemies in 1 life without taking damage.
Tis But A Scratch! - Get decapped 50 times.
Trebuchet Away! - Fire the Trebuchet in The Siege.
Troubadour of the day - Sound the horn at Helms Deep.
Truth Be Told... - Laugh after killing a teammate.
Tumbling Axes - Slay 25 with throwing axes.
Turtler - Make 7 successful parries in a row.

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