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Age Of Empires 3: Asian Dynasties PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Press ENTER, then activate the following by entering the corresponding codes:

Fatten all animals on map - a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese
+10,000 coins - give me liberty or give me coin
+10,000 food - medium rare please
+10,000 wood -
+10,000 experience points - nova & orion
Instant win in single player mode - this is too hard
Full map but with fog of war - x marks the spot
Destroys all the enemy boats on the map - shiver me timpers!
Name of unit appears when it destroys another unit or building - sooo good
Spawn George Crushington - where's that axe?
Spawn Tommynator - tuck tuck tuck
Spawn Mediocre Bombard - ya gotta make do with what ya got
Faster building, research, and shipments - speed always wins
Generate exports and 10,000 of all resources - a whole lot of love

1 year ago

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Age Of Empires 3: Asian Dynasties PC Q&A

Just wondering because as the Chinese faction one of the wonders allows banner armies.

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