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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Cheats "Easy wins hints" (PC)


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Easy wins hints

-For easy victory over the CPU under any difficulty setting, place eight to twelve villagers into three control groups. After that, have two control groups working on gold and one working on stone until all of the stone piles and gold piles are gone. Next, build at least two of every building and upgrade everything as fast as possible. If done quick enough you should be able to either swarm your enemy or surround him with castles.

-Select the Spanish and create plenty of their riflemen and the things that launch rocks. Look on the map and see which empire is the largest. Go to the vine icon in the corner. Make the largest empire your ally. Send all of your troops and rock launchers into the main part of their empire. Afterwards, click on the vine and make them an enemy. They will be taken by surprise and you will easily defeat them.

-First, make as many allies as you can, then advance through as many ages as you can to upgrade all your units. Make sure you can build Towers and Castles. Next, go directly next to your ally's main city and surround it with towers. Build a castle every so often on your way from your city to theirs, so they cannot counterattack. Aftewards, build up an army of siege weapons (for the buildings) and cavalry (for everyone else), and position them inside your ally's city. Finally, switch them to "Enemy", sit back, and watch the city crumble.

-While playing a random map, use a team islands setting and have seven players. Set three of them as your allies, and four as enemies. Begin the game and go to the third button from the top right corner. Place check marks next to all your allies and click on "Food Please", "Wood Please", "Stone Please" or "Gold Please" in the box below. The only resource your allies will not give you is gold.

-Build any type of tower and place some of your military units behind the tower so that your opponents cannot see them. When they attack the tower, have your units come out and kill your opponents.

-When playing on a map with plenty of water, stay or walk near the shore or in the shallows. Use a heavy demolition ship to bomb your opponents. One heavy demolition ship can take out at least twenty infantry, monks, archers or light cavalry with it, or multiple scorpions and onagers. Two ships can take out knights, camels and trebuchets. Three ships can take out rams. Do not use them to bomb elephants; it is too costly unless you have a lot of resources.

-Always put swordsman on flat ground and archers on hilly ground during a battle

-At first in a regicide you will get ten villagers to start. Put three on wood, three on food, two on gold, and one on stone. Have your final villager build your military base, then slowly add villagers from your town center and put them on resources.

-If you build a long wall with several gates and your peasants are opening the gates for your enemies, you can block the gates. Click the gate and click the icon that appears in the left corner so it will remain closed until you open it again. Note: If you close all gates, not even your allies can get resources from your land.

-When under attack by an enemy and they are moving to your town center (or something you can garrison people in), click your stable and set the gather point to that building. Make some units. When your building are ungarrisons, your men will kill the enemy.

-In a three player game, when you become allied with one player, construct 15 battering rams and take them to your ally's kingdom. Place them near the important buildings, such as the town center, etc. After that, take a mangonel, select "Attack Ground", and Right Click the ally's building. He will become an enemy. Use all your battering rams to destroy the ex-ally.

-Use the following trick when playing against the CPU and you have a neutral tribe and an ally that is currently at war with that neutral tribe. To aid your ally, create a group of five villagers. Upgrade the Loon tech, create university, advance the fortified wall, and gather stones as much as possible. Send the villagers to the ally base and create three to five fortified walls near the neutral tribe's building. You want them to attack the newly created wall, and thus the adjacent building. While they are attacking their own building, create more fortified walls besides another building (for example the monastery or town center).

-Always build gates instead of walls around your city. They cost the same, but have a difference between their attack chances. If a wall is attacked one time, it is attacked 0.001 times. They will simply roam near your city outside, but cannot attack your city. Always try to make your city wide open. They cannot attack the gates, but will attack the buildings such as houses and barracks by means of archers, mangonels, and trebuchets. Do not make towers and castles for defense near your gates. The gates will not be attacked and you can progress without defense until you can attack. Your first priority should be to surround your city with gates and capture huge areas and resources.

-To gather more resources, you must create more villages. If the population is 75, you will need no less than 25 villagers so that they can provide more resources and allow you to create more soldiers. Before starting a multi-player game, take a tribe that has more research so that your men and buildings will be strong enough to withstand any type of attack.

-This trick requires a created map with at least one shah on it. Play the map and choose your shah. Bring it over to an enemy unit or building (preferably a house). Right Click on that object. The shah will start attacking it rapidly. The only drawback is that the shah has a very weak attack.

-Instead of building walls, build watch towers in a wall like formation. In front of this "wall", build a castle.

-You can take advantage of the AI by building a wall around your entire base, except for a small and heavily fortified opening. The CPU will only enter through the opening you left and will get slaughtered if you have archers. You can even make a maze-like entrance, which will increase the time the enemy spends getting fired upon.

-Set up a game in "The Black Forest". You will begin in a massive forest with a small village, depending on the settings. Death Match is recommended to get plenty of resources. Make sure you have a Onager or something that can destroy lots of trees very fast. Start tunneling into the trees, making walls and gates along the way. Place towers with archers behind each gate. Make large areas where you can put castles, barracks, churches, and town centers. This tactic will require about one hour.

-Take several villagers near your enemy's base and build two of each building. Load all the buildings up with each type of unit. Cut the wood down with you villagers and ambush your enemy.

-The Japanese Samurai unit is incredibly powerful once fully upgraded. Get ten capped Rams and put four Samurai in each and any town will fall. Accompany the capped Rams with Cavalry and target your enemy's Town Center and Castles. After they are destroyed, release the Samurai and watch them destroy everything.

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