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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Cheats "Recommended defense" (PC)


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Recommended defense

A large amount of stone and wood are required. When you reach the Feudal Age, build walls all around you, even at the water's edge (in a straight line if possible) This will ensure that the enemy does not land his troops, and will give you time to attack. While the wall is in construction, build two or three gates, preferably spaced apart. Afterwards, build three gates directly behind the ones you just built to add more defense, thenbuild three towers to the left and right of each gate. Place a Bombard Tower at the end of each. Repeat this pattern until it covers the entire wall, even by the water (to defend against the galleons). Then, do the reverse, which is instead of towers use Bombard Towers. When that is done, finish it off with a wall as the inner coating to seal those towers in. The purpose of this is that if the enemy is lucky enough to break through the first wall and the tower as well as the Bombard Towers, you have some insurance to hold them off a bit longer. Usually you would not need to constantly repair the towers unless the wall breaks, allowing the enemy to attack them. However, they may sometimes use a trebuchet, ram, or catapult to get at your.

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