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Airline Tycoon Cheats "Bra hint" (PC)


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Bra hint

Go to the airplane broker and purchaseup to $250,000,000 of Boeing airplanes. The model does not matter; however, the planes must be made by Boeing. You can buy them all at once or over time. After doing this, the overhead luggage compartment will pop open and will be filled with ladies lingerie. Take the bra and go to the Duty Free shop. There is a horseshoe located above the dressing room of the store. Give the clerk her bra and she will sell you the horseshoe. You have now two choices: First, you may keep the horseshoe on you at all times. If someone bombs your office, it will not explode if you have the horseshoe. Or, you can give the horseshoe to the drunk at Rick's Bar. He will be thankful, which has an unknown effect on the game.

2 years ago

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