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Airline Tycoon Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-Return t the bank every so often and take note of the trash can in the center of the desk. From time to time there will be various sums of money there. You can receive between $50,000 and $60,000,000.

-If it is out already, purchase the Boeing 777-300 for $30,000,000. After buying these planes, do nothing to them. Go to the Museum and offer to sell the 777's on the same day. The curator will purchase the planes for $41,000,000, which results in a profit of $11,000,000. He will always offer this price for a new Boeing 777. Note: You cannot modify the 777 that you are planning on selling.

-Go to the loan lady in the bank at any time of the day and enable the nodebts code if you have any, then ask her for a loan . For instance, if you already have $900 million, then the loan will be most likely between $300 to $425 million dollars at one time after the loan is complete. Enable the nodebts code, then take out another loan. Eventually the loan lady will get angry. When Belinda (your secretary) says that the bank is doing bankruptcy proceedings, enable the nodebts code and ignore her. Afterwards, do it again the next day.

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