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Airline Tycoon Cheats "Paper clips" (PC)


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Paper clips

Go to the Route Management notice board to the right of Mr. Uhrig office, the Airport Director, and steal four paper clips. After that, go to the Cargo Department, located in the left corner of the Airport. Give the operator the paper clips. He will accept them and say that he would rather use the paper clips than the liquid glue. Take the liquid glue that's located in front of a small box next to the operator crane. Go to any part of the first floor in Airport and drop the glue on the floor by clicking on it (at the bottom of the screen). When any of your opponents step there, they will get stuck for a while. This is useful when done early in the morning immediately after the reunion with Mr. Uhrig. It will prevent your opponents from getting to the AirTravel agency before you.

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