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Airline Tycoon Cheats "PMS pills" (PC)


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PMS pills

Note: You cannot do this trick during the morning briefing, but you can still see the board. Go to Mr. Uhrig's (Airport Manager) office no later than the fifth day of game play. In his office is a tote board with a pizza menu and a periodic selection of branch offices.  Remove the postcard on the board. Bring it to your personnel manager, Mrs. Selig. She will let you have some of her PMS pills in the red box inside the lower left drawer of her desk. Sometimes your competitors will get mad at you. Some might visit the saboteur behind Petrol-Air and pay him to spike your coffee with botulism. This is indicated by frequent and sudden trips to the bathroom. If this happens, take the pills that Mrs. Selig gave you to return to normal. After you take the pills, the post card will reappear on the tote board. Always keep a supply of PMS pills ready.

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