Airline Tycoon PC Cheats

Rating 5

Rent the branches without the CPU getting them

At 17:30 on the clock, go to Mr. Uhrig's office and click on the bulletin board. Click on all the branches you want. Wait in there until the end of the day so that the CPU cannot get them from you.

Rating 4

Finding the sabotage shop

Purchase a violin case from the Duty Free Shop and give it to the Arab at PetrolAir. He will tell you about the entrance to the secret room next to his shop.

Rating 3

Jimmy Talker liquor

Go to the Duty Free shop and purchase a bottle of Jimmy Talker 25 year old liquor. Go to the plane hanger and give it to the young mechanicm, Paul (his Boss is always out). He will be very thankful. Note: Never remind him that it is not allowed to smoke in the hanger.

Rating 2

CPU stocks hint

At the bank, sell all your stock from your airline, then leave and re-enter the bank. Now purchase all your stock back. Leave again and wait a short while. Other competitors will come to the bank and some will sell some of their stocks. Purchase their stock, which will help you buy them out. Note: If no one sells any stocks, just repeat.

Rating 2

Force competitor's passengers to miss their flight

Check one of the scheduled flight computers and see whose planes are arriving to the airport during the day. If none of yours are and a competitor has some arriving, use the crowd code to make the airport overcrowded. With this, the passengers will get stuck in the crowd and miss their flight. Note: You will probably have to use the code five to ten times.

Rating 2

Slow down competition hint

Walk up to a competitor and start chatting with him, then save the game, quit, then load the game that was just saved. The competitor you chatted with should be stuck there for the rest of that day. Note: This works best at the start of a day so your competitor is stuck longer.

Rating 2

Antivirus Disk hint

At the Travel Agency, wait for the spider to crawl out and grab it. Then, give it to the man in the Sabotage Shop, get the arrow stuck on the moose's head, and give it to the man in the Advertising Agency. You can now get the Anti-Virus Disk. It should prevent your notepad from being infected by the virus.

Rating 2


Speak to the Plane Broker. Sometimes if you wait long enough, the storage area at the top left will open. Take the bra. Go to the Duty Free Shop and give the bra to the girl behind the counter. She will thank you, and now you can take the horseshoe located at the top left corner of the screen. Go to Rick's Café and give the horseshoe to him. It prevents your employees from striking.

Rating 2

Paper clips

Go to the Route Management notice board to the right of Mr. Uhrig office, the Airport Director, and steal four paper clips. After that, go to the Cargo Department, located in the left corner of the Airport. Give the operator the paper clips. He will accept them and say that he would rather use the paper clips than the liquid glue. Take the liquid glue that's located in front of a small box next to the operator crane. Go to any part of the first floor in Airport and drop the glue on the floor by clicking on it (at the bottom of the screen). When any of your opponents step there, they will get stuck for a while. This is useful when done early in the morning immediately after the reunion with Mr. Uhrig. It will prevent your opponents from getting to the AirTravel agency before you.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during game play:

Level select [Note 1] - atmissall
Level skip - winning
More people at airport - crowd or missioncrowd
No people at airport - panic
Money - donaldtrump
$1 billion - megarichman
Increased reputation - famous
Airport expands - expander
All helpers active - mentat
Eliminate debts - nodebts
All flights visible - showall
People move faster - runningman
Notebook - thinkpad
See passenger thoughts - bubblegum
Level skip - winning
Follow your person around when they walk and run - showit

Note 1: This code is permanent, and will remain in effect even if the game is re-installed.

Rating 1

Energy drink hints

-After obtaining the gloves, use them late in the day to buy the energy drink. The next day after the meeting, drink it yourself. You will run twice as fast. This will help you get to the order desks quicker.

-Go to the kerosene counter next to the free duty shop and take a glove at the counter. Then, go to the drink machine next to the cargo or in front of the museum. Use the glove with a drink machine to get a can of energy drink. Drink it and you can go to the entire airport with superb stamina and high speed walking. Just drink it and you will find it later.

Rating 1

Easy money hints

-Return t the bank every so often and take note of the trash can in the center of the desk. From time to time there will be various sums of money there. You can receive between $50,000 and $60,000,000.

-If it is out already, purchase the Boeing 777-300 for $30,000,000. After buying these planes, do nothing to them. Go to the Museum and offer to sell the 777's on the same day. The curator will purchase the planes for $41,000,000, which results in a profit of $11,000,000. He will always offer this price for a new Boeing 777. Note: You cannot modify the 777 that you are planning on selling.

-Go to the loan lady in the bank at any time of the day and enable the nodebts code if you have any, then ask her for a loan . For instance, if you already have $900 million, then the loan will be most likely between $300 to $425 million dollars at one time after the loan is complete. Enable the nodebts code, then take out another loan. Eventually the loan lady will get angry. When Belinda (your secretary) says that the bank is doing bankruptcy proceedings, enable the nodebts code and ignore her. Afterwards, do it again the next day.

Rating 1

More sabotages

In a network game, there are opportunities for sabotages that are not available in a single game. To activate these, you should find and collect as many items as possible.

Rating 0

Stink bombs

Check out the boards from time to time after trading the gloves for the stink bombs at the Newsstand  to see what flights are arriving or departing. If you see that a competitor that you really hate has a flight today, make a note of the time. Go to the gate at least 30 minutes before the arrival/departure. When you arrive, enter the boarding area and go to the door as if you were getting on the airplane. As passengers are going through the door, quickly drop your stink bombs. It will make the whole flight sick to their stomachs and decrease the competitor's reputation. You can repeat this as many times as needed.

Rating 0

Bra hint

Go to the airplane broker and purchaseup to $250,000,000 of Boeing airplanes. The model does not matter; however, the planes must be made by Boeing. You can buy them all at once or over time. After doing this, the overhead luggage compartment will pop open and will be filled with ladies lingerie. Take the bra and go to the Duty Free shop. There is a horseshoe located above the dressing room of the store. Give the clerk her bra and she will sell you the horseshoe. You have now two choices: First, you may keep the horseshoe on you at all times. If someone bombs your office, it will not explode if you have the horseshoe. Or, you can give the horseshoe to the drunk at Rick's Bar. He will be thankful, which has an unknown effect on the game.

Rating 0

Candy box

Go to the Duty Free shop and purchase a candy box without alcohol. Find your female opponent and give her the candy box. She will be very happy with you.

Rating 0

Glue hint

Get paper clips from the Route Administration Board and give them to the man in the Cargo Area, then take the glue from him. You can use the glue to delay your competitors. Click on it and a puddle of glue will appear on the ground. Once your competitors step on it, they will be in a sticky situation.

Rating 0

Oil Can

Purchase a bottle of liquor at the Duty Free Shop. Give it to the mechanic at the workshop. Take the oil can that is beside him. Use it on the globe in your room and the squeaky sound will disappear.

Rating 0

PMS pills

Note: You cannot do this trick during the morning briefing, but you can still see the board. Go to Mr. Uhrig's (Airport Manager) office no later than the fifth day of game play. In his office is a tote board with a pizza menu and a periodic selection of branch offices.  Remove the postcard on the board. Bring it to your personnel manager, Mrs. Selig. She will let you have some of her PMS pills in the red box inside the lower left drawer of her desk. Sometimes your competitors will get mad at you. Some might visit the saboteur behind Petrol-Air and pay him to spike your coffee with botulism. This is indicated by frequent and sudden trips to the bathroom. If this happens, take the pills that Mrs. Selig gave you to return to normal. After you take the pills, the post card will reappear on the tote board. Always keep a supply of PMS pills ready.

Rating 0

Violin case

After several days from the start of the game, go to the Duty Free shop and buy a violin case.After that, go to Petrolair and give the man the Violin Case as a present. He will be thank you and tell you to press the fire extinguisher to your right. Follow his instructions and you will enter the secret private room of the mercenary. If desired, you can pay him to sabotage another airline.

Rating 0

Monkey Island easter egg

One of the pilots you can hire has the name Guybrush Threepwood, the main character of Lucas Arts' Monkey Island series.

Rating 0

Gloves hint

Go to the Petrol-Air Counter after ten days and beyond. You will find a pair of gloves on the counter by the leaflets. Take them and go to the Coke machine between Air Freight and the Museum. Patronize the vending machine. The gloves keep you from getting electrocuted. Take the Coke and go to the Newsstand. Give the newsy the Coke. Then, click on the package of stink bombs in the lower left corner of his window. He will give them to you as a gift.