Albion PC Cheats

Rating 4

Cheat Mode

Go to the menu during game play, select "Options", and ype schnosm at the "Options" menu to enable cheat mode. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. You will also see a picture of the game's developer in the bottom right corner. In this mode:

- the full map shows all characters and monsters and can click on it to teleport to that location
- can walk through walls
-the "Use" pointer has unlimited reach
- experience will be awarded if battles are terminated with "End"
-enemies cannot engage you in battles
- all spells are at maximum with a 1 SP cost.

Also, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Export data - ALT + F4
Battle with mixed monsters - ALT + F8
Quit game - ALT + F3
Graphics data - ALT + F11
Map and coordinate data - ALT + F10
Display miscellaneous data - ALT + F1
Display miscellaneous data - ALT + F5
Display miscellaneous data - ALT + F6
Faster time - ALT + F9
Teleport to input coordinates - ALT + F2
Teleport to cheat map;
shortcut doors to various places and chests - ALT + F7
Disable cheat mode - ALT + F12

Rating 3

Free crystal throwing axe

Go to Gragotel and locate a man standing near a tree. Show him a Trifilliari seed and he will give you a crystal throwing axe.

Rating 1

Infinite money

Go to the planet Iskai and visit the healer. End the conversation quickly to receive a blue magic potion worth 16.6 gold pieces. Repeat this processto accumulate as much money as needed.