Alice: Madness Returns PC Cheats

Rating 5

Dress specials

Complete the game once to unlock dress specials.

Rating 5

New Game + mode

Complete the game to unlock New Game + mode. In this mode, you can start a new game and keep your Roses and Weapons from the previous game.

Rating 5

God Mode + Weapon Upgrade cheats

Note: Alter game files at your own risk (always make backups). Using a text editor, open DefaultGame.ini in the game folder (Alice2\AliceGame\Config). Be sure to save the file after you are done and start the game.

God Mode
In line 176 you can find Damage Mutltiplier for "Easy" it's DamageMultiplierArray[0] = 0.75. To activate godmode, set your line to = 0.0

For example: DamageMultiplierArray[0] = 0.0

Weapon Damage
Weapon Upgrades: Down from line 262 you can change the upgrade cost by changing this line:

WeaponUpgradeToLevel2XPCost[0]=150 to, say, WeaponUpgradeToLevel2XPCost[0]=15

Rating 4

Psychonauts easter egg

In Chapter 4, after doing the first chess puzzle, you will be chased into a hole by the giant unbeatable card monster. When you first arrive down there, go a short distance ahead and look at the right wall to find a heart stone. Shrink down to discover that it is a fake rock. Run into the keyhole tunnel and on the other side will be a floor where you can use a bomb to break. Do so, then go down the stairs to get a memory and extra teeth. Notice the skeleton sitting on the chair--it is Raz from Psychonauts. He can be identified by the red goggles, his shape, and the position that he is in (which is the stance he uses for a mind attack). It kind of  looks like Raz is dead, perhaps signaling that there'll be no Psychonauts 2.

Rating 2

Easy "Level-Headed" achievement

Complete the game, then play the last chapter and go directly to the Boss battle. If you defeat the boss without using hysteria, you will earn the achievement.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

letitrain - Waters all plants.
prosper - All plants grow faster.
silverandgold - Money.
wine - Drunk mode.

Rating 0

God Mode

Note: Alter game files at your own risk; be sure to make a backup. In a text editor, open DefaultGame.ini in the game folder (Alice2\AliceGame\Config) and save the file after you are done. Then, start the game:

Rating 0

Unlockable Dresses

Unlock the following dresses to gain their effects by completing the corresponding chapters:

Classic: Infernal Train When equipped you will regain health when shrunk- Chapter 6
Misstitched: The Dollhouse When equipped your Shrink Sense duration is doubled- Chapter 5
Royal Suit: Queensland When equipped your health is limited to four roses total.- Chapter 4
Silk Maiden: Oriental Grove When equipped your enemies drop twice as many teeth.- Chapter 3
Siren: Deluded Depths When equipped your enemies drop twice as many roses.- Chapter 2
Steamdress: Hatter's Domain When equipped breakables drop more teeth and roses.- Chapter 1