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Aliens vs. Predator 2 Cheats "Alien follow-the-leader" (PC)


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Alien follow-the-leader

This trick will cause an Alien to follow you a short distance, and usually turn its back and appear to watch for enemies. Enter a level that has Aliens and use a mpmorph code to turn into an Alien. When you reach a point where there us not a combat situation and there is an Alien around, get near it. Use your Claw attack on the ground. Try not to hurt the Alien, then immediately run or walk backwards to make sure the Alien is following you. This strategy is not foolproof. Note: Some Aliens, especially in the Alien Campaign levels, seem to have a limited "territory." Also, sometimes in the Marine levels an Alien will follow you and end up standing in the steam and kill itself. Also, an Alien on the ground will not follow you onto the ceiling but instead stand by the wall.

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