Amazing Finds PC Cheats

Rating 8

General hints

-There are eight locations to visit, two secret locations and eight more locations that are unlocked once you use your inventory items.

-The game is timed with about 20 minutes per scene.

-After one of the brain teasers have been unlocked, you can keep playing it as many times as desired by clicking the page of the book that reads "mini game".

-You cannot advance to a new city until all the objects on the list are found.

-To turn the pages of the book back and forth, click on the edges of a page.

-At the end of each scene, the man gives you clues as to what will unlock certain items. Pay attention to them; it reveals which inventory item you will need and where it goes.

-If you click on the book and you see the words "not yet" at the end, it means that you have not unlocked that section.