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Angry Birds Space PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Absolute Zero Freeze the king pig
Banging Heads Pop pig with another pig
Big Spook Make 6 pigs scared with one green bird
Bird Launcher Launch 5 000 birds
Birds of Courage Finish Danger Zone
Block Smasher Smash 50 000 blocks
Bubble Popper Pop 1 000 bubbles
Centripetal Force Shoot a bird into a lagrangian point
Cosmic Discovery Find 1 eggsteroid
Curiosity Killed the Pig Defeat Boss 4
Danger Zone Score Addict- Danger Zone: Get 3 130 000 points
Danger Zone Total Destruction- Danger Zone: Get three stars in all levels
Eggsteroid Hunter Find 5 eggsteroids
Episode 1 Score Addict- Episode 1: Get 1 900 000 points
Episode 1 Total Destruction- Episode 1: Get three stars in all levels
Episode 2 Score Addict- Episode 2: Get 2 310 000 points
Episode 2 Total Destruction- Episode 2: Get three stars in all levels
Episode 4 Score Addict- Episode 4: Get 3 450 000 points
Episode 4 Total Destruction- Episode 4: Get three stars in all levels
Gravitational Escape 100 birds exit athmosphere
Great Balls of Fire Destroy 100 asteroids
Handy Man Defeat Boss 2
Icepicker Smash 5 000 ice blocks
Menu Popper Pop 100 bubbles in the main menu
Name Popper Pop all name bubbles in credits
Pig Popper Pop 1 000 pigs
Pigsicle Freeze 500 pigs
Popcorn Popper Pop 750 popcorns
Professional Level Get three stars
Smash Maniac Smash 500 000 blocks
Space Episode 5 Score Addict- Episode 5: Get 3 450 000 points
Space Episode 5 Total Destruction- Get three stars in all levels
Space Episode 6 Score Addict- Episode 6: Get 2 910 000 points
Space Episode 6 Total Destruction- Episode 6: Get three stars in all levels
Starman Get 250 stars
Stonecutter Smash 5 000 stone blocks
Sub Pig Defeat Boss 5
The Big Burp Defeat Boss 3
Three Hog Night Freeze 3 pigs with one ice bird
Vegetables of Vengeance Defeat Boss 1
Waterfowl Jump from water 100 times.
Woodpecker Smash 5 000 wooden blocks

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