APB: All Points Bulletin PC Cheats

Rating 2

Easy standing points

This trick works better in a group with other players helping you. Have your group place markers on two close "chop shop" locations where can you drop off stolen cars. Note: This requires a couple minutes for a drop location so you can drop off another vehicle. Park a car on both sides of the street at both drop locations so that they stop NPC drivers in close proximity to where you will be dropping off the cars. This makes a line of cars. Start any mission that appears then drop as many cars in the prepared locations as fast as possible. On average with four players, your team will accumulate 200 standing points and up to 400 with some skill. 

Rating 0

Less traffic

Hold down the button while driving to sound the siren and other cars will move out of the way, letting you to drive at full speed without crashing.