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Steam achievements

Backstabber - Earned by killing 25 enemies from behind.
Boom goes the Dynamite! - Earned by killing an entire enemy group by destroying a vehicle.
Bounty Hunter - Earned by arresting/killing 5 criminals who are notoriety 5.
Busted - Earned by arresting a player who is on a kill streak.
Car Thief - Earned by stealing and delivering 1000 vehicles.
CarBeque - Earned by destroying a 100 vehicles while the driver is at the wheel.
CarBoom! - Earned by killing an opponent in a vehicle with a grenade.
Cherry Ride - Earned by successfully delivering 50 vehicles in pristine condition.
Cold-blooded - Earned by killing a player who is notoriety 5 from behind.
Criminal Mastermind - Earned by successfully completing 100 Missions.
Dangerous Individual - Earned by spending an hour total at prestige 5.
Detective - Earned by successfully completing 100 Missions.
Drive-by - Earned by killing 50 opposing players as a passenger in a vehicle.
Drive-by Annihilation - Earned by killing an entire enemy group at once as the passenger of a vehicle.
First Pick - Max your Standing with the first Prentiss Tiger Contacts; Violet Prentiss & Chung Hee
Five Finger Discount - Earned by ram raiding 500 shopfronts.
Friends in High Places - Earned by completing all contacts from Waterfront and Financial factions.
Grease Monkey - Earned by repairing enough vehicle damage to fully repair 400 average vehicles.
Help! - Earned by successfully calling in backup 100 times.
Hitman - Earned by killing 10000 enemy players.
Hooligan - Earned by completing 100 mission objectives which require vandalizing a target.
If You Could Sign by the X - Earned by successfully delivering 500 small task items.
Indoctrinate the Masses - Earned by tagging 50 open world graffiti points.
Kind of a Big Deal - Earned by achieving max threat.
Mailman - Earned by successfully delivering 100 medium task items.
Medal Chaser - Earned by winning 100 positive medals in opposed missions.
Most Valuable Player - Earned by achieving the MVP status at the end of a match 5 times total
Most Wanted - Earned by spending an hour total at notoriety 5.
Natural Born Leader - Earned by starting 100 groups.
Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat... - Earned by successfully delivering 25 large task items.
New Blood - Max your Standing with the first Bloodrose Contacts; Strega Bloodrose & Britney Bloodrose
New to the Force - Max your Standing with the first Praetorian Contacts; Ty Durrant & Eva Orlandez.
Olympic Contender - Earned by sprinting 50km in total.
Original G - Max your Standing with the first G-King Contacts; Veronika Lee & Terri Quan
Out on Patrol - Earned by witnessing 15 criminals performing crimes.
Playing Dirty... - Earned by killing a Prestige 5 Enforcer by shooting him in the back.
R&R - Earned by regenerating enough health to have healed you fully 99 times.
Reinforcement - Earned by assisting groupmates kill 100 enemy players.
Right of Way - Earned by killing 500 players with a vehicle.
Seasoned Veteran - Earned by spending a full day of gametime opposed to enemy players.
Skills to Pay the Bills - Earned by obtaining 45 ranks in roles or achievements.
SuperCop - Earned by arresting 5 criminals without dying.
SWAT - Earned by killing 10000 Criminals. These kills must be honorable (i.e. killing arrested players doesn't count).
Sweet Dreams Asshole - Earned by stunning 500 opposing players with less than lethal weapons.
Valet - Earned by successfully delivering 100 vehicles.

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