Apprentice: Los Angeles PC Cheats

Rating 6

Surf Shop

-Keep the shop stocked to avoid losing. Do not worry if Donald Trump says that you are average; the other team is usually rated worse.

-Allow your assistant to always search for a surf board; do not wait until needed. When you go down for a skateboard or rollerblades, give your second assistant a ball to blow up so you can handle two customers at once. Restock your items when they come up in the correct corner. You will waste time restocking if you wait until something gets sold out.

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If new customers visit, check to see what they want. If they only want a magazine or coffee, serve them first. It will be some time before they are done drinking or reading. Always serve other customers, during which time your assistants will search for the correct dress. Do not waste time waiting for it.

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Sushi Bar

Refill the tea cups and prepare the balloons every time so they are ready to be used when needed. Always collect the money to free up the seat. If this is not done, you cannot get new customers.