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Arcanists Cheats "Spell combination hints" (PC)


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Spell combination hints

The following are useful spell combinations to use with members:

-Trap opponents with "Mudball" then use "Aura Of Decay". If they attempt to escape "Mudball", re-trap them and then use "Swarm" or "Den Of Darkness" if available.

-First summon "Recall Device". Then, trap recall device with "Mudball" and wait for the availability of "Volcano" or "Fissure" to use "Calling Bell" on your opponent. This doesn't work if you cannot reach your opponent with "Calling Bell" or if no calling devices are present. "Fissure" or "Volcano" is most effective when the trapped opponent is close to the water boundary.

-Maximize the nature "Familiar", then use "Entangle" on an opponent and summon a "Man-Trap" on top of opponent. Wait before using "Vine Bloom", then "Nature's Wrath". Do not let your opponent get damaged within the time of "Entangle" to the use of "Vinebloom" or this technique will be ineffective.

-When using "Combined", always bring "Tele" on every book. "Flash" is useful, and if you know how to use a "Shock Bomb", use it. Trap repeatedly and try to keep them out of range. Recommended spells are "Entangle", "Mega Boulder", "Ice Comet", and combinations.

-Use "Malesto" below a towered player no matter how high they are, then follow it up with a"Meteor" to make them fall into water and take full damage.

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