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Area 51 Cheats "Super Theta strategies" (PC)


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Super Theta strategies

-Defeating Super Theta uses pretty much the same strategy as defeating Theta except for a couple things. It is recommended that you ;eave at least one shot in your Meson Cannon for him because of how much damage the weapon will do. Do not worry too much if you miss, because he is still very easy. After you shoot him with the cannon, transform into mutant form and attack him with melee if your health is full or with the parasites if it is not. After several hits he will get angry then leap up onto one of the four cryo-chambers and break it open, releasing the alien amoebas. These things must be meleed because the parasites will not trace them. Wasting the contagion on them will only drain your energy. They are not very tough to hit in mutant form, because the "mutant vision" slows them down. Also, do not stand underneath the chamber that the Super Theta is breaking open. Afterwards he will drop almost directly underneath and will deal either fatal or nearly fatal damage when he hits the ground if you are there. However, after he does land, move in close and melee him for a few hits. The amoebas will not drop down immediately. After you kill the amoebas, return to shooting parasites and using melee against the monster. When he jumps off of the second chamber, fire your contagion at him and melee the amoebas that appear to refill your mutagen. This is done after the second one since the sheer numbers of Black Ops that you fight before him may have severely drained your health. You may want to use the parasites to refill it. If this is not the case, feel free to use the contagion after he breaks the first chamber. After using the contagion, repeat the process of melee and parasites until the monster dies. At the absolute longest, the fight should take about ten minutes.

-Only the Gray's weapons will damage the Super Theta. You must use the BBG gun, JB grenades, and the Meson Cannon.

-Equip the BBG. Get behind him and shoot the big green spot on his back about nineteen times, then shoot it with the Meson Cannon. He will die after all of this. Watch out for the alien amoebas he frees -- they can kill you quickly.

-When facing Super Theta, you may notice he is bigger and stronger than Theta (mainly because of his cannon). Blast him a number of times with dual shotguns and the shotgun special until he falls. Then go to Mutagen, run towards him, and slash away. He can still attack you, so use parasites and contagion to keep your health up. If you attack him this way, he cannot open up the grates of the bubble-like creatures. If you manage to get him down in two or three shots and are fast enough to keep him down, you can defeat him in probably five minutes. Note: Contagion is the strongest. If you do not use contagion, there is a chance he will get up as it stuns enemies. Pressing all the buttons used for fighting also helps. Try to get in a rhythm so you do not lose Mutagen.

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