Armored Fist 3 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Smoke generator

Turn on your tank's smoke generator when it gets near an enemy formation. This will help mask your tank's location and make it hard for the enemy's targeting computer to lock on to your vehicle.

Rating 1

Finding undamaged tanks

If your tank gets damaged and cannot move forward or backward, press TAB. Select a tank from the list which is undamaged.

Rating 1

Avoiding detection

When locating and engaging enemy tanks, try assuming a hull-down position behind the crest of a hill. This will hide the lower portion of your tank, and minimize the risk of drawing enemy fire.

Rating 0

Easy kills hint

Press F5 for Tc station view, then click the target lock and your target will become locked. Quickly press FIRE. If the enemy tank tries to turn on smoke, the message "lost target" will happen. If so, quickly press F4 then press FIRE.