Around The World In 80 Days PC Cheats

Rating 3

Level Passwords

Access the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

Day 1, London, England - BHGG
Day 18, Train - DCHJ
Day 20, Turkey - FSHJ
Day 25, India - GKMN
Day 25, Wanted in India - HLSN
Day 3, Paris, France - CLGG
Day 40, China - JMBJ
Day 61, San Francisco - KNQN
Day 61, Train to New York - MQGG
Day 61, Wild West - LPGG
Ending - PSGG

Rating 2

Easy tile puzzles hint

When the tiles are displayed, click the "Menu" button and move the menu out of the way. Study the screen to determine your next move. The timer does not move during this time. Once you determine your next move, click the "Resume" button on the menu. Make your move, then click the "Menu" button at the top right of the screen to stop the timer again. Move the menu panel to the side and determine your next move, then repeat the process.

Rating 2

Tesla Hammer

When the Tesla Hammer is completely charged you can use it to break a single tile.