Ascendancy PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Using a text editor, create a dummy file named "nougat.lf" in the game folder. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the indicated screens. Once cheat mode is enabled, highlight a ship to view its power, moves, and integrity attributes:

Complete current project - Planet map - I or E
Advance current project one day - Planet map - N
Maximum planet population - Planet map - O
Bring alien colony under your control - Planet map - R
Add 1 to maximum population - Planet map - SHIFT + M
Create colony on uninhabited planet - Planet map - T
Finish current project - Research - C
Gain all research - Research - D
Click view controls to forget all research - Research - F
Play as various species - Star map - 1 - 7
View starlanes, planets - Star map - 8
Toggle technology stealing - Star map - ALT + E
View galaxy status - Star map - C
View all starlanes - Star map - L
View all stars - Star map - S
Display coordinates - Any - ALT + D
Display debug window - Any - ALT + W
Display mouse movement stats - Any - ALT + F
Save screen in .GIF format - Any - ALT + G

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Xeno Dig credit

Land on a planet that has at least ten outposts, then quickly build a Lush Growth Bomb. After it is built, delete ten outposts. You will earn credit for a Xeno Dig on the next turn.

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Using a text editor, create a dummy file named "flash.pop" in the game folder. Start game play and select the "Continuos Advance" icon.

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Orbital Shield decoy

When a planet with a missile base is under attacked, quickly start construction of an Orbital Shield. The enemy should destroy the under-construction shield. Before counter-attacking, go the planet screen and start to buildanother Orbital Shield.