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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Cheats "Full Synch requirements for storyline memories" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Full Synch requirements for storyline memories

Get 100% Synch by performing the corresponding tasks in the following storylines:

Sequence 2

"As Good As New" - Do not drop below one health square.
"Well Executed" - Kill your target with the hidden blade.
"New Man In Town" - Throw the Borgia Captain into the scaffold to kill him.
"Easy Come, Easy Go" - Do not lose any health.
"Who's Got Mail?" - Catch the Borgia courier in under one minute.
"Crepil il Lupo" - Do not lose any health.
"The Halls Of Nero" - Complete the memory within eight minutes.

Sequence 3
"Double Agent" - Do not be detected while reducing Notoriety. Remain undetected until rejoining La Volpe at the Thieve's Guild.
"Between A Rock And A Hard Place" - Kill only the Borgia Captain.
"High-Stakes Negotiation" - Do not swim.

Sequence 4
"Castello Crasher" - Do not be detected.
"Femme Fatale" - Do not lose more than ten health squares.
"The Burdens We Carry" - Do not be detected.
"Guardian of Forli" - Achieve a kill streak of at least five guards.
"Man Of The People" - Do not lose more than five health squares.
"Serial Offender" - Kill your target using the Assassin Recruits
"Human Cargo" - Kill your target using the Assassin Recruits

Sequence 5
"Escape From Debt" - Do not be detected while escorting the senator.
"Follow The Money" - Do not be detected and do not touch the ground while tailing the Senator.
"When In Rome..." - Arrive at your destination in less than three minutes.
"In And Out" - Kill the Banker from a bench without being detected.

Sequence 6
"Gatekeeper" - Do not take any damage.
"French Kiss" - Do not be detected.
"Trojan Horse" - Do not lose any health squares.

Sequence 7
"Patching the Leak" - Do not drop below five health squares.
"Calling All Stand-Ins" - Use Assassin Recruits to assassinate your targets.
"Exit Stage Right" - Do not kill anyone other than the gunmen.
"Intervention" - Do not swim.

Sequence 8
"Requiem" - Do not be detected.
"An Apple a Day" - Do not kill anyone.
"The Apple of Eden" - Do not lose any health.

Sequence 9
"Pax Romana" - Do not drop below 5 health squares.

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