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Autocross Racing PC Cheats

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Game pad controls

Perform the following actions on the game pad by pressing the corresponding buttons:

Accelerate - BUTTON 1
Boost - Every second press of BUTTON 1
Brake / Reverse - BUTTON 2
Turn Left - LEFT
Turn Right - RIGHT
In Game Menu - ESC

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding keys:

Cycle through six views - F1
Cycle through tree detail levels - F2
Toggle oil slicks - F3
Toggle mini-map - F4
Toggle skidmarks - F5
Reverse joystick X axis. - F6
Swap joystick buttons - F7
Save screenshot in .BMP format - F12
Accelerate - UP
Brake and reverse - DOWN
Turn left - LEFT
Turn right - RIGHT
Boost - LEFT CTRL + UP
In game menu - ESC
Change car to view - [ or ]

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