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Avernum 6 PC Cheats

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Character Editor Cheats

Pres SHIFT + D, then activate the following  cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Casts some benificary holy shields on your party - leetbuffz
Displays the X,Y coordinates of your party - location
Enable's you to edit your Fighters Stats/Spells - editor
Give you 500 coin - iampoor
Gives the selected character a cake - giveasnack
Gives your party extra experience points to use - iwanttobestronger
Heals all of your party members - ouchouchouch
Make towns friendly again - pleaselikeme
Makes towns friendly again(lesser crimes) - forgiveme
Replentishes your magic power/mana - imdrained
Return your party to the starting area - backtostart
Show All NPC on the Map - showmeall 

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