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Aveyond 2 Cheats "Alternate endings" (PC)


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Alternate endings

  • Go with Iya (romantic ending)
With this option Ean and Iya will return to Elfwood. For the romantic ending (5 attraction points required), go to Candar and Ean and Iya will get married at the chapel. Return to Elfwood for a second wedding and the game's ending. The characters will then live happily ever after.

  • Go with Rye
Ean and Rye can travel to Thais and enter the service of the king having many adventures for many years to come. Iya will return to Elfwood and live happily ever after.

  • Go alone
Knowing he can never return to the Vale, Ean will watch as Rye and Iya depart. There is no ending for the "go alone" option, as you are now able to roam the lands, possibly visiting Emma and Rye in Thais. After this, Ean lives happily ever after.

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